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Atlantis staff | Spring 2019

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Tyler Anne Whichard

Interim Editor-In-Chief

Tyler Anne is a k-pop stan on antidepressants, but when she isn't that, she's a writer at UNCW, receiving a BFA in creative writing and certificates in professional writing and publishing. She is the Fiction editor and social media manager for semicolon literary journal and an advocate of radical kindness. Her work has appeared in Spelk and r.kv.r.y. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @tylerawhichard. 




Janna Coleman

Poetry Editor

If this were a bio you might learn that Janna is studying creative writing and English. You may also learn that she is related to Blackbeard (but hates boats), loves rain, birds, and watching people eat; has a freckle on her left shoulder in the shape of the USA, and a top-top-knotch owl call. Since this isn't a bio, though, lets just say she likes to read sometimes. 



Olivia Clifton

Marketing Coordinator

Ireland Headrick

Nonfiction Editor

Ireland Headrick is a junior, double-majoring in Creative Writing and French. When she's not in school or editing for Atlantis, she's working as a style consultant and visual merchandiser at Oliver Clothing. Her essays have appeared in Second Story Journal, Periplus, and Cape Fear Living. You can follow her on Instagram @irelandrhea.



Olivia is a BFA graduate from the Department of Creative Writing at UNCW​. She is originally from Fayetteville, N.C., but has lived in Wilmington long enough to call it home. Her favorite pastime is watching Gilmore Girls with her cat, Alfredo. She will be earning her Masters in Creative Nonfiction at UNCW.




Lauran Jones

Fiction Editor

Lauran Jones is a freshman who is new to the Atlantis staff. She considers herself a mermaid (which is good, because she goes to a coastal university). As the first black editor for Atlantis, she looks forward to adding a splash of color to the literary magazine. You can follow her writing account on Instagram: @writer_lauran



Rhianna Powell

Photography Editor

Rhianna prefers walking barefoot to her classes in the creative writing and marine biology departments. She enjoys reading books that other people have found interesting. She will almost always choose film photography over digital. She likes to make sure that there is no free space on her calendar. You can often find her in the state of pineapple eating and loudly discussing something somewhere.


Contact: photography@atlantismagazine.org

Autumn Wilson

Art Editor

Autumn is a studio art major with a minor in psychology. When she isn't covered in paint and charcoal, she enjoys exercising, cooking, and attending concerts and music festivals.



Loganne Van Veen

Layout Editor

Loganne is a junior pursuing a creative writing degree with a publishing certificate and a digital arts minor. When she isn’t staring at a blank page, or fighting with indesign tools, she is trying to teach her Aussie puppy, Obi, manners. As long as she can have good Chinese food and is living near the coast she is happy. Publishing a novel would be super cool too.




Vasili Moschouris

Copy Editor

Vasilios Moschouris is a junior, majoring in Creative Writing and French. He writes words and hopes that one day he'll be able to make enough money off of them to live, or at least buy some food. He enjoys a good hammock session and lives for those few glorious moments a week when he forgets about all the work he has to do.



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