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Atlantis staff | Fall 2019

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Vasili Moschouris


Vasilios Moschouris is a junior, majoring in Creative Writing and French. He writes words and hopes that one day he'll be able to make enough money off of them to live, or at least buy some food. He enjoys a good hammock session and lives for those few glorious moments a week when he forgets about all the work he has to do.




Martina Litty

Poetry Editor

Martina studies creative writing and English. Her first love is poetry, but she also has a soft spot for shining a flashlight and seeing cows' eyes glow in the night. She has no idea how to parallel park.








Ireland Headrick

Nonfiction Editor

Ireland Headrick is a junior, double-majoring in Creative Writing and French. When she's not in school or editing for Atlantis, she's working as a style consultant and visual merchandiser at Oliver Clothing. Her essays have appeared in Second Story Journal, Periplus, and Cape Fear Living. You can follow her on Instagram @irelandrhea.



Sidney Wollmuth

Managing Editor

Sidney Wollmuth is double-majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing. She likes to describe herself as the cross between a six-year-old and a sixty-year-old. When she's not doing her homework or losing things, she's probably endlessly scrolling through literature memes. Visit her writing portfolio at sidneywollmuth.com





Contact: managing@atlantismagazine.org

Rachel Black

Marketing Coordinator

Rachel is a Junior pursuing a business degree in marketing strategy and a minor in creative writing. When she isn't preparing monthly budget sheets, she enjoys unsolved mysteries and rolling her eyes at the ever-present catastrophe of modernism. She runs sometimes, values punctuality and senses of humor, doesn't accept your zodiac sign as an excuse, but might let it go if you bring her food.





Siobahn Daugherty

Fiction Editor

Siobahn Daugherty stands barely 5'0" ft tall, but is one of the biggest supporters of Black and other diverse voices in literature. She spends most of her days listening to Ariana Grande, finding the next book to read, and avoiding writing. She hopes to one day gain enough discipline to sit down and at least write something.



Loganne Van Veen

Layout Editor

Loganne is a junior pursuing a creative writing degree with a publishing certificate and a digital arts minor. When she isn’t staring at a blank page, or fighting with indesign tools, she is trying to teach her Aussie puppy, Obi, manners. As long as she can have good Chinese food and is living near the coast she is happy. Publishing a novel would be super cool too.




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