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Founded in 1971, Atlantis is a creative force for sponsoring student work including student art exhibits, readings, multimedia events, performances, and more.

Atlantis is published three times a year: two print issues at the end of each semester and one online during the summer semester.


Atlantis accepts submissions from undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any public or private four-year university or community college in North Carolina.

Atlantis welcomes submissions of art, photography, and prose in all genres. Submissions are selected using a blind, juried process.

Atlantis is a designated public forum. Student editors have the exclusive authority to make all content decisions. The mission of Atlantis is to publish high-quality, innovative student work. 


Atlantis has three primary goals:


  • To create professional publications that showcase students' work.

  • To demonstrate dedication to art in all of its forms for all part-time or full-time students at North Carolina public and private universities and community colleges.

  • To provide students with hands-on learning opportunities to develop skills in creative arts, including but not limited to writing, visual art, photography, publishing, organizational communication, and graphic design.

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